Betting on Ice Hockey has become more and more popular In Europe last years. In The United States and Canada betting on Ice Hockey has always been very popular since Ice Hockey is in the top 3 favorite sports. But last few years Ice Hockey has also became very popular in countries like; France, UK, Belgium, Norway, Finland and Sweden. In some of these countries the popularity of Ice Hockey has even surpassed sports like Tennis and Volleyball.

Since Ice Hockey became popular most online casino’s started to accept betting on Ice Hockey. These days almost every online casino offers many different options to bet on Ice Hockey matches all around the world. You can bet on the NHL or bet on the KHL but also on other international ice hockey tournaments which take place regularly.

Now how does betting on Ice Hockey works? When you bet on Ice Hockey the three most popular bet options are:

Money Line Betting:

Betting the money line is just as in any other sport like Football or Tennis; you are betting on which team will win the bet.

Total Goals Betting:

Like many other sports Ice Hockey matches are decided by the goals. When you bet on total goals you can choose whether the amount of goals is over or under a certain amount; for example if you bet under 3.5 goals and there are less goals in the match you win your bet.

Handicap Betting:

The third most popular type of Ice Hockey betting is called handicap betting. Handicap betting is an option where you bet on the number of goals in the winning margin. Let’s say you bet on the home team to win with a -1 handicap means they have to win with at least a 1 goal difference; so in case they win with 2-0 or 3-1 you will win the bet.

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