Live Betting is the most popular type of sports betting these days. In the past you could place your bets on the outcome of a match; but you had to make sure your bets where placed before the match started; the so called prematch bets. Now with the introduction of Live Betting you can place any type of bets even if the match has already started. Whether it’s a football, tennis or basketball match it doesn’t matter you can even place your bets in the last minutes of the match; obviously the odds will continuously change based on the actual score.

Live Betting Explained

Live betting is designed for people who like to be completely involved in the bet and it gives rise to the opportunity to adjust any pre-match bets with a live bet if the game is not going according to plan. Odds fluctuate in live betting, which makes timing of your live bet of utmost importance. For instance, in football, if a team is constantly attacking, holding possession of the ball and creating chances, placing a live bet on the attacking team to score next would be a bet worth placing.

Different types of Live Betting

For example at LeoVegas live betting and at 888Sport, they cover an array of live betting options covering many different sports. You’ll be able to bet on the next goal in football, next game or point in tennis, next goal in ice hockey and many other outcomes that occur in the match. Live betting also lets you to take advantage of high odds. For instance, if FC Barcelona is constantly attacking and they look like the stronger team but concede a lucky goal, opportunities lie in the fluctuating odds and some of these are; FC Barcelona to score next, to finish draw, to win the game and much more.

Advantages of Live Betting

  • A complete feel for the game while placing bets
  • Ability to take advantage of fluctuating odds as the game unfolds
  • Placing a live bet to offset a losing pre match bet
  • Adds more excitement to the game
  • Potential to make a profit quickly
  • Bets settle faster than pre match betting

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